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Malala Fund

Malala Fund believes local educators and activists are best suited to address the problems girls face in their communities. As a registered charity in the U.S. and the U.K., Malala Fund invests in their work and collective power to create change, hold leaders accountable and give girls the tools they need to advocate for themselves.

The donate page is the primary destination for donors and supporters coming to Malala Fund to donate. I collaborated with the digital fundraising team and spoke with donors to get insights on donor needs and expectations. Based on my conversations, it was apparent that the challenge we were facing was to surface Malala Fund's donation ask in a manner that was more clear and streamlined. 

With the goal of improving the donation flow and increasing the conversion rate, we redesigned the Donate page on

As the Product Lead, I created the product strategy and roadmap for Malala Fund's fundraising products and led a team of designers from the design firm Language Dept. and engineers from web development agency CodeZone through the entire product development lifecycle from ideation, design and development through to launch. (continued below)


Malala Fund Donate.png

In order to guide our supporters towards donating from the instance they arrive on the page, we placed a strong call-to-action and the donation widget above the fold, and then included additional information on the problem Malala Fund is solving, our approach and our impact. 

Previously, most of the information on donating to and supporting Malala Fund was scattered across multiple pages. By adding a "More ways to give" section, and linking out to a "More ways to support" page, we were able to consolidate all the different avenues of giving in one central page. 

The "More ways to support" page goes more in-depth on how supporters can contribute to Malala Fund beyond donations and serves as a space to eventually funnel potential donors into the donation flow.

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